Cowboy Junkies

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  • alt-country
  • female vocalists
  • alternative
  • canadian
  • indie
The Cowboy Junkies is a Canadian alt-country/alternative rock band with a jazz twist , formed by three siblings from the Timmins entertainment family. The group formed in Toronto in 1985. The band's name was simply a random choice as they approached their first ever gig, but it has come to perfectly represent their sound. (Some sources may credit Townes Van Zandt's song "Cowboy Junkies Lament" as the source of the band's name, but that song was written especially for Cowboy Junkies several years after they coined the name.)

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At the End of Paths Taken (2007)
Early 21st Century Blues (2005)
One Soul Now (2004)
Open (2001)
Miles From Our Home (1998)
Lay It Down (1996)
Pale Sun Crescent Moon (1993)
Black Eyed Man (1992)
The Caution Horses (1990)
The Trinity Session (1988)
All That Reckoning
Sing In My Meadow
Southern Rain
The Wilderness: The Nomad Series, Vol. 4


'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel (1990)
Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning (1990)
A Common Disaster
Angel Mine
Anniversary Song
The Post