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Popular German singer, who is specialized in the styles Discofox / Europop, started his career in 1997. Before that he worked as an insurance salesman.
His releases are a modern form of discofox comparing to the 80´s or early 90´s - a bit faster, simple melodies and lyrics, all track sounds similar as their build up and the used instruments and arrangements are often the same. If he would sing in Italian Language you could say his releases sound a little bit like Italo-Dance.

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Das Beste für Cowboys & Indianer (2008)
Alles Erlaubt (2007)
Das Spiel ist aus (disc 1) (2005)
Echt Henning (2004)
Meine ersten fünf Jahre (2002)
Alarmstufe Rot
Alles Was ich Immer Wollte
Apres Ski Hits 2011
Apres Ski-Hits 2010 XXL CD 2
Ballermann Hits 2005 CD 2
Ballermann Hits 2011
Ballermann WM Party 2002 [CD 2]
Die Manege ist leer
Schöne Bescherung
Super Party (das beste)


Cowboy und Indianer 2006 (2006)