Mike + the Mechanics

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  • rock
  • progressive rock
  • 80s
  • soft rock
  • 90s
Mike + The Mechanics debuted with their stellar eponymous album in 1985 which highlighted Rutherford's innovative guitar work and the vocal talents of the two Pauls, amongst other guest vocalists. Initially, the group's albums were released between Genesis albums, all three Genesis members having solo projects of their own, most notable in the huge chart success of singer/drummer Phil Collins. This ended with the disbanding of Genesis in 1998.

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M6 (1999)
Beggar on a Beach of Gold (1995)
Word of Mouth (1991)
Living Years (1988)
Mike + The Mechanics (1985)
Let Me Fly
Out of the Blue
The Road


Now That You've Gone (1999)
Whenever I Stop (1999)
All I Need Is a Miracle '96 (1996)
A Beggar on a Beach of Gold (1995)
The Living Years (1988)
Another Cup of Coffee
Word Of Mouth