Suzanne Vega

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  • female vocalists
  • singer-songwriter
  • folk
  • pop
  • alternative
Suzanne Vega (born Suzanne Nadine Vega: 11 July 1959, in Santa Monica, California) is an American singer-songwriter noted for her eclectic folk-inspired music. She lived most of her life in New York City, attending the New York City High School of the Performing Arts (the school seen in the feature film musical Fame), where she studied modern dance. However, Vega realized that her talent in dance was not sufficient to make her living doing it.

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Nine Objects of Desire (1996)
99.9 F° (1992)
Days of Open Hand (1990)
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Suzanne Vega (1985)
An Evening of New York Songs and Stories
Close-Up Vol. 3: States of Being
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99.9 F° (1992)
99.9F° (1992)
Marlene on the Wall (1985)
Blood Makes Noise
Book of Dreams
In Liverpool
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