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Azad is a German rapper. He came from the kurdish part of Iran as the child of a Kurdish family of refugees. He became part of the unterground hip hop scene. He joined the multicultural, radical rap-crew Asiatic Warriors (together with "D-Flame"), who rapped mainly in English, but also Turkish and German. After the crew disbanded, Azad focused on his solo career and his crew "WARHEIT" and became the first german hardcore rapper to be successful in the german charts.

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Azphalt Inferno (2009)
Game Over (2006)
Der Bozz (2004)
Faust des Nordwestens (2003)
Leben (2001)
Azphalt Inferno II
Bravo Hits, Vol. 61, Disc 1
Leben II


A (2003)
Napalm (2000)