Peter Gabriel

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Peter Gabriel is an internationally famous musician and Third World activist, and was the original lead singer with Genesis. He is not only known for his Eastern and African-influenced music, but also for several ground-breaking music videos (most notably Sledgehammer, his highest-charting release on both sides of the Atlantic). After leaving Genesis, Peter Gabriel began to experiment with various elements of world music as the underpinning for his dense, poetic lyrics.

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Up (2002)
OVO: Millennium Show (2000)
Lost Souls (1998)
Us (1992)
So (1986)
Deutsches Album (1982)
Peter Gabriel (Security) (1982)
Security (1982)
Ein deutsches Album (1980)
Peter Gabriel (Melt) (1980)
Peter Gabriel (Scratch) (1978)
Peter Gabriel (Car) (1977)
And I'll Scratch Yours
Growing Up Live 2003 (disc 1)
Growing Up Live 2003 (disc 2)
Growing Up Live Dortmund (disc 1) 05/05/2004
Live Blood
New Blood
Peter Gabriel Plays Live (disc 1)
Scratch My Back
The Greatest Hits 1977-1995
[non-album tracks]


Down To Earth (2008)
Burn You Up, Burn You Down (2003)
Growing Up (2003)
More Than This (2003)
The Barry Williams Show (2002)
The Story of OVO (2000)
Biko (1999)
Lovetown (1994)
Digging in the Dirt (1992)
Digging in the Dirt (Raw Stylus mix) (1992)
Kiss That Frog (1992)
Sledgehammer (1990)
Don't Give Up / In Your Eyes (Special Mix) (1986)
Solsbury Hill (1983)
Big Time
Don't Give Up (feat. Kate Bush)