Junior Boys

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  • electronic
  • electropop
  • electronica
  • indie
  • canadian
A Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group, Junior Boys began as a duo with its duties split between Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. Influenced by a number of music sectors — including arty synth pop, minimal techno, U.K. garage, and contemporary hip-hop — they made a demo with no positive results. Dark opted to leave the group, but former Warp employee Nick Kilroy eventually heard the songs and became interested enough to begin his KIN label with Junior Boys as its first artist. Engineer Matt Didemus joined Greenspan, and together they recorded enough material for a full-length.

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Begone Dull Care (2009)
So This Is Goodbye (2006)
Last Exit (2004)
Last Exit (bonus disc) (2004)
It's All True


No Kinda Man (2008)
In the Morning (2006)
High Come Down (2004)
Birthday / Last Exit (2003)