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Motorpsycho is a band from Trondheim in Norway, formed in 1989. Their music can generally be defined as psychedelic rock, but they also mix in elements from metal, jazz, rock, noise, pop and many other musical styles. The members of the band are Bent Sæther (bass/vocals) and Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (guitar/vocals). Håkon Gebhardt (drums) left the band in March 2005 to concentrate on solo projects (as Gebhardt) and his other band HGH.

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Little Lucid Moments (2008)
Black Hole / Blank Canvas (disc 1) (2006)
Black Hole / Blank Canvas (disc 2) (2006)
Motorpsycho Presents The International Tussler Society (2004)
It's a Love Cult (2002)
Phanerothyme (2001)
Let Them Eat Cake (2000)
Trust Us (disc 1) (1998)
Trust Us (disc 2) (1998)
Angels and Daemons at Play (1997)
Blissard (1996)
Timothy's Monster (disc 1) (1994)
Timothy's Monster (disc 2) (1994)
Demon Box (1993)
8 Soothing Songs for Rut (1992)
Lobotomizer (1991)
Behind The Sun
Here Be Monsters
The Crucible