Tanita Tikaram

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  • female vocalists
  • pop
  • 80s
  • singer-songwriter
  • rock
Tanita Tikaram is a German-born, British-raised artist, born to a Malaysian mother and Indo-Fijian British army officer father. She is the sister of actor Ramon Tikaram and currently resides in London. As a singer-songwriter, Tikaram scored her greatest hit to date with Twist In My Sobriety, from her debut album Ancient Heart in 1988, when she was 19 years of age. After two years she released her second album The Sweet Keeper, containing songs such as Sunset's Arrived and Harm In Your Hands.

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Sentimental (2005)
The Cappuccino Songs (1998)
Lovers in the City (1995)
Eleven Kinds of Loneliness (1992)
Everybody's Angel (1991)
The Sweet Keeper (1990)
Ancient Heart (1988)
Can't Go Back
Closer to the People
Greatest Hits '99


If I Ever (1998)
I Might Be Crying (1995)
You Make the Whole World Cry (1992)
Little Sister Leaving Town (1990)
Cathedral Song (1988)
Good Tradition (1988)