There are at least 2 BAP, 1) A rock group from Cologne. 2) A Basque Hardcore fusion band. 1) A rock group from Cologne (Köln), Germany, founded in 1976. Their most outstanding feature has been that all the songs performed by BAP are in Kölsch, the local ripoarian language (or German dialect) spoken in Cologne and its vicinity, which is hardly understood in other parts of Germany. BAP had their greatest successes in the 1980s, when they stormed the national charts with a number of subsequent singles. Their all-time number one is "Verdamp lang her".

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Radio Pandora: Plugged (2008)
Radio Pandora: Unplugged (2008)
Zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier (bonus disc) (2006)
Sonx (2004)
Aff un zo (2001)
Comics & Pin-Ups (1999)
Tonfilm (1999)
Amerika (1996)
Pik Sibbe (1993)
X für'e U (1990)
Da Capo (1988)
Ahl Männer, aalglatt (1986)
Zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier (1984)
Vun drinne noh drusse (1982)
Für usszeschnigge! (1981)
Affjetaut (1980)
BAP rockt andere Kölsche Leeder (1979)
Affjetaut (Remaster)
Halv Su Wild
Volles Programm (Live)


Time Is Cash, Time Is Money (feat. Culcha Candela) (2006)
Verdamp lang her: Die verdammt lange Single! (2006)
Frau, ich freu mich (2005)
Für Maria (2004)
Wann immer du nit wiggerweiß (2004)
Schluss, aus, okay (2002)
Aff un zo (2001)
FC, jeff Jas! / Aff un zo (2001)
Shoeshine (2001)
FC, jeff Jas! Aufstiegsversion (2000)
Ahnunfürsich (1999)
Mayday! (1999)
Rita, mir zwei (1999)
Lena (1998)
Weihnachtsnaach (1996)