Richard Ashcroft

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Richard Ashcroft (born Richard Paul Ashcroft, on September 11, 1971, in Billinge, Wigan, England) is best known as the front man of The Verve, which he helped form in 1989. After that band's demise in 1999, Ashcroft began his solo career, releasing Alone With Everybody in 2000, Human Conditions in 2002 and Keys To The World in 2006. He performed vocals for the track Lonely Soul on UNKLE's 1998 release Psyence Fiction and his voice can also be heard on the The Chemical Brothers' album Come With Us track The Test.

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Keys to the World (2006)
Human Conditions (2003)
Alone With Everybody (2000)
101 Indie Classics CD4
Natural Rebel
These People
[non-album tracks]


Break the Night With Colour (2006)
Music Is Power (2006)
Why Not Nothing? / Sweet Brother Malcolm (2006)
Words Just Get in the Way (2006)
Buy It in Bottles (2003)
Science of Silence (2003)
A Song for the Lovers (2000)
C'mon People (We're Making It Now) (2000)
Money To Burn