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Düsseldorf´s south 1992, two punkrock kids aged 12 decide that they would rather play the music they love instead of just consuming. Even though they are miles away from the breaking of the voice and the talent of their heroes such as the "Sex Pistols", "The Clash" and even the "Toten Hosen", they love playing with a passion - no end in sight.
What started with Andi and Sammy back in the days eventually grew with Ines on the bass to become the Oi!-Punk Band BROILERS.

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Vanitas (2007)
LoFi (2004)
Verlierer sehen anders aus (2001)
Fackeln im Sturm... Arme Lichter im Wind (1997)
Santa Muerte
Santa Muerte Live Tapes (Ltd. Edition)


Schenk mir eine Blume (1996)