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Supertramp is a British progressive rock and pop band that had a series of top-selling albums in the 1970s. The band was formed in the United Kingdom in 1969. Co-founder, composer and lead singer, Roger Hodgson left the band in 1983 to raise his children. In 1988, Supertramp re-formed with some former members plus several new musicians, and remained active until 2002. Roger Hodgson is currently touring world wide solo, with band and with orchestra.

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Slow Motion (2002)
Some Things Never Change (1997)
Free as a Bird (1987)
Brother Where You Bound (1985)
"...Famous Last Words..." (1982)
Breakfast in America (1979)
Even in the Quietest Moments... (1977)
Crisis? What Crisis? (1975)
Crime of the Century (1974)
Indelibly Stamped (1971)
Supertramp (1970)