New Model Army

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  • post-punk
  • rock
  • alternative
  • punk
  • indie
New Model Army is a modern punk band, more melodic than many of their classic counterparts, and are widely respected for their masterful songwriting and their unwavering political stance. The band was named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver Cromwell. Led by guitarist / vocalist, Justin Sullivan (who performed under the name Slade The Leveller in the early 1980s) it was formed in 1980 together with drummer Robert Heaton and bassist Stuart Morrow in their hometown of Bradford, England.

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Today Is a Good Day (2009)
High (2007)
Carnival (2005)
Eight (2000)
Strange Brotherhood (1998)
Small Town England (disc 1) (1997)
Small Town England (disc 2: Radio Sessions '83-'84) (1997)
The Love of Hopeless Causes (1993)
Impurity (1990)
Thunder and Consolation (1989)
Vengeance: The Independent Story (1987)
The Ghost of Cain (1986)
No Rest for the Wicked (1985)
Vengeance (1984)
Between Dog and Wolf
Between Wine and Blood
From Here
The Best Of 1980-1990, Vol. 12


Queen of My Heart / Brother (1998)
Vengeance 1994 (1994)
Here Comes The War (1993)
Space (1991)
Get Me Out (1990)
Purity (1990)
Stupid Questions (1989)
Wonderful Way to Go