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  • dubstep
  • j-pop
  • japanese
  • Drum and bass
  • rap
There are multiple artists by the name of Juju.

1) American Rapper/Producer The Beatnuts - Junkyard Juju
2) Finnish rapper, who mixes Hiphop and Reggae sounds
3) Japanese pop/R&B singer-songwriter
4) American Jazz group
5) A Drum ´n´ Bass / Dubstep producer
6) Dutch Hip hop producer
7) Mid 70's afrobeat group from Mozambique
8) American post-punk/darkwave group
9) Juju, female german rapper, former part of the german Rap Group "SXTN"

1) Juju aka Junkyard Juju is a Producer / Rapper from Queens, New York and 1/2 of the The Beatnuts. Read more on Last.fm

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