Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

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Will Oldham (born 24 December 1970, Louisville, Kentucky) is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and musician. His music is often (perhaps inappropriately) placed under the genre of "alt-country". Oldham has recorded under many names, including Palace, Palace Music, Palace Brothers, and Bonnie Billy. He often plays and records with other musicians, including Dave Pajo and his brothers Ned and Paul Oldham, but is generally the chief creator of the music.

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Beware (2009)
Lie Down in the Light (2008)
The Letting Go (2006)
Greatest Palace Music (2004)
Master and Everyone (2003)
Ease Down the Road (2001)
I See a Darkness (1999)
Pond Scum
Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues
Wolfroy Goes to Town


Notes for Future Lovers (2008)
Bonny 2007 (2007)
Lay & Love (2007)
Strange Form of Life (2007)
Cold & Wet (2006)
Cursed Sleep (2006)
Agnes, Queen of Sorrow (2004)
No More Workhorse Blues (2004)
Happy Child / Forest Time (2003)
Let's Start a Family (1999)
Black Dissimulation (1998)
I Am Drinking Again (1998)
Little Boy Blue (1996)
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