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Lo-Fi-Fnk (pronounced: LO-FI-FUNK) are from Stockholm, Sweden and are signed to indie label La Vida Locash. They consist of vocals/instruments by Leo and rap/drums by August. They are now also part of Moshi Moshi records, with their album "Boylife" released in the UK in autumn 2006. Singles released have been "Wake Up/Change Channel" on 7" on Moshi Moshi, "Wake Up" on 12" on Moshi Moshi with Justus Kohncke and Beckster remixes, and "Change Channel" on Moshi Moshi with Jitset, Danton Eeprom and Kaos remixes.

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Boylife (2006)
[non-album tracks]


Change Channel (2007)
City (2007)
Wake Up (2006)
Wake Up/The Boxer + remixes (2006)