Hot Chocolate

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  • 70s
  • soul
  • pop
Best known stateside for their 70's hits "You Sexy Thing" and "Every 1's A Winner", the English group had numerous UK hits and for a time were even affiliated with The Beatles' label Apple Records. Formed in Brixton, London, circa 1968/69 the original core members included percussionist Patrick Olive, guitarist Franklyn De Allie and drummer Ian King, along with bass player Tony Wilson, pianist Larry Ferguson and with Jamaican born songwriter/vocalist Errol Brown.

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Mystery (1982)
Class (1980)
Going Through the Motions (1979)
Every 1's a Winner (1978)
Man to Man (1976)
Cicero Park (1974)
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Hot Chocolate
Platinum (the best of)


I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I) (1984)
Tears on the Telephone (1983)
What Kinda Boy You're Lookin' For (Girl) (1983)
No Doubt About It (1980)
Put Your Love In Me (1977)
You Sexy Thing (1975)
Cheri Baby (1974)
Brother Louie (1973)
You'll Always Be a Friend (1972)
I Believe (In Love) (1971)
Love Is Life (1970)
Never Pretend