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  • trance
  • melodic death metal
  • dance
  • vocal trance
  • death metal
Nineteen different artists share the name Aurora. It's a russian screamo band, a duo of English trance/dance producers, a Danish death metal band, a Japanese band, a Hungarian punk group (Auróra), a Latvian rock band, an Albanian act, an American dance trio, a German dark-wave band, an Italian Rock/RAC band, a Swedish avant-garde metal/emoband, a Polish new wave group, a Chilean electronic project, A British Prog/New Age/Space Rock Group, a rock band from Sydney, Australia, a rap duo and a jazz-band from Denmark.

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Ordinary World 2004 (2004)
Real Life (2004)
Aurora (2002)
Dreaming (2002)
The Day It Rained Forever (2002)
Concentrate (1998)


Summer Son (feat. Lizzy Pattinson) (2006)
Sleeping Satellite (2003)
Ordinary World (feat. Naimee Coleman) (2000)
The Day It Rained Forever (2000)
Hear You Calling (1999)