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"Ich + Ich" is a project by the German musicians Annette Humpe and Adel Tawil. They first met in spring 2002 in Berlin. In April 2005 they released their first album (Ich + Ich), providing mostly melancholic popmusic. Annette Humpe (or Anete Humpe, both name versions appear on her album covers) became famous with Ideal, one of the most innovative bands of the neue deutsche welle era in the 80ths. Her sister Inga Humpe has currently success with as part of 2raumwohnung. Both Humpes were part of the band DÖF in the eighties and released several albums as duo Humpe Humpe.

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Vom selben Stern (2007)
Ich + Ich (2005)
Umarme mich (2005)
Bravo Hits 69
Bravo Hits 72
Bravo Hits Vol.71
Bravo Hits, Vol. 61 CD2
Gute Reise
The Dome Vol. 52 CD 1
The Dome Vol. 55
The Dome Vol.53 (CD2)


Stark (2007)
Vom selben Stern (2007)
Dienen (2005)
Du erinnerst mich an Liebe
So soll es bleiben
[non-album tracks]