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There are at least 6 bands with the name Poison: 1) A Glam Metal band from the USA.
2) A German Death/Thrash Metal band.
3) A Japanese hardcore punk band.
4) An American Heavy/Speed Metal band.
5) An American funk group.
6) A Finnish band. ----- 1) Poison is a Glam Metal band from Los Angeles. Formed by drummer Rikki Rockett and singer Bret Michaels, they started out in Pennsylvania in the early 80s. Their first band together was called the Spectres.

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Poison'd! (2007)
Hollyweird (2002)
Crack a Smile... and More! (2000)
Native Tongue (1993)
Flesh & Blood (1990)
Open Up and Say... Ahh! (1988)
Look What the Cat Dragged In (1986)


Nothin' but a Good Time (1989)
Your Mama Don't Dance (1989)
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
So Tell Me Why
Something to Believe In
Unskinny Bop
Until You Suffer Some (Fire and Ice)