Farin Urlaub Racing Team

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Upon release of his first solo album, Farin Urlaub initially didn't intend to go on tour. However, a backing group was formed for a performance at Top of the Pops, in the course of which he met Nessie and Rachel. Due to the immense fun of this Urlaub decided to do a tour after all and formed the Farin Urlaub Racing Team picking its members either based on his own experience or recommendations from acquaintances.

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Die Wahrheit übers Lügen (disc 1: großes Album) (2008)
Die Wahrheit übers Lügen (disc 2: kleines Album) (2008)
Faszination Weltraum
Zu Heiss
[non-album tracks]


Krieg (2009)
Niemals (2009)
Nichimgriff (2008)
Zehn (2006)