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  • alternative
Low is an american alternative group from Duluth, Minnesota. The group was formed in 1993, by Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) and original bassist John Nichols (bass guitar). Zak Sally replaced Nichols after Low's first album and tour. In 2005, Sally quit the band; Matt Livingston replaced him shortly thereafter. In 2008 Steve Garrington took over on bass creating the current lineup of Sparhawk, Parker and Garrington.

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Drums and Guns (2007)
The Great Destroyer (2005)
Trust (2002)
Trust (disc 1) (2002)
Trust (disc 2) (2002)
Things We Lost in the Fire (2001)
Things We Lost in the Fire (disc 1) (2001)
Things We Lost in the Fire (disc 2) (2001)
Christmas (1999)
Secret Name (1999)
The Curtain Hits the Cast (1996)
Long Division (1995)
I Could Live in Hope (1994)


Santa's Coming Over (2008)
Hatchet (Optimimi version) (2007)
California (2005)
Canada (2004)
Tonight (2004)
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (2001)
Dinosaur Act (2000)
Immune (1998)
Joan of Arc (1998)
Venus (1997)
Over the Ocean (1996)