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Godflesh were an industrial metal band from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom, formed in 1988 by Justin K. Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G. C. Green (bass). They are highly regarded as one of the founders of industrial metal. The group disbanded in 2002. In 1982, Green founded Fall Of Because (named after a Killing Joke song) with Paul Neville. Broadrick, who had been playing guitar as a member of Napalm Death, joined the group in mid-1985 as drummer and vocalist. The band fell apart in 1987.

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Hymns (2001)
Us and Them (1999)
Selfless / Merciless (disc 1) (1996)
Selfless / Merciless (disc 2) (1996)
Songs of Love and Hate (1996)
Slavestate (1995)
Selfless (1994)
Streetcleaner (1994)
Pure (1992)


Slateman (1991)