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There are at least three artists with this name: 1) STS formerly Sugar Tongue Slim is a keen and clever wordsmith, Atlanta native Sugar Tongue Slim migrated to Philadelphia in 2000 where he infiltrated the underground scene, embracing the concrete urban culture. Dominating across the board from poetry slams to Hip-Hop ciphers, STS emerged with a hypnotic hybrid of southern spiel and northern street say-so.

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Herzverbunden (2003)
Master Series (1998)
Volle Kraft (1998)
Zeit (1995)
Auf a Wort (1992)
Jeder Tag zählt (1990)
Gegenlicht (1988)
Augenblicke (1987)
Grenzenlos (1985)
Überdosis G'fühl (1984)
Neuer Morgen


Fürstenfeld (1984)