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  • 80s
  • korean
  • rock
  • k-pop
  • punk
Eight artists go by the name Wax:
1. A pop group active in between 1985 and- 1988 consisting of American singer-songwriter Andrew Gold and British singer Graham Gouldman of 10cc fame.
2. An American Pop Punk band known for the 1995 song California .
3. An American creative/experimental Hip Hop/Rap/Acoustic artist.
4. A female South Korean singer active in the 2000's (see: 왁스)
5. An alias of Dutch dance producer Robert Meijer
6. A shortlived Swedish punk band active in the early 1980's
7. A japanese rapper from the crew SD JUNKSTA

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Common Knowledge.com (1998)
A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes (1989)
American English (1987)
Magnetic Heaven (1986)
80s Maxi-Best Of 12 Inches [CD 1]


Building a Bridge to Your Heart (1987)
[non-album tracks]


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