The Rezillos

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  • punk
  • punk rock
  • new wave
  • scottish
  • 70s punk
The Rezillos are a Punk/New wave band, who formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom in 1976, and are still playing gigs around the world in a reformed line-up. The band is best known for their 1978 British Top 20 hit "Top of the Pops" The band originally consisted of Eugene Reynolds (born Alan Forbes) vocals; Fay Fife (born Sheila Hynde) vocals; Jo Callis guitar; the enigmatically-named William Mysterious (born Alastair Donaldson), saxophone; Angel Patterson (born Alan Patterson), drums; Hi-Fi Harris guitar; and Dr D.

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Destination Venus (1978)
Top of the Pops (1978)
I Can't Stand My Baby / I Wanna Be Your Man (1977)
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