Sunrise Avenue

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  • rock
  • finnish
  • pop rock
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
Sunrise Avenue play rock with a positive attitude. The band's debut album On The Way To Wonderland was released in 2006 (May in Finland, August in Germany). Sweden followed in February 2007. Sunrise Avenue was the first Finnish band ever to have an international record deal before their debut album was even published. The key element of their music is excellent songs that sound as good - if not sometimes better - when stripped and played acoustically; the catchy melodies and harmonious singing contrasts beautifully with the bass and drums that bring them to life.

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Popgasm (2009)
On the Way to Wonderland (2006)
On the Way to Wonderland: Gold Edition (2006)
Fairytales Best Of 2006-2014
Heartbreak Century
Hollywood Hills
Out of Style
The Dome Vol. 51 CD 2
Unholy Ground


The Whole Story (2009)
Choose To Be Me (2008)
Forever Yours (2007)
Heal Me (2007)
All Because of You (2006)
Fairytale Gone Bad (2006)
Romeo (2006)