The Yardbirds

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The Yardbirds are mostly known to the casual rock fan as the starting point for three of the greatest British rock guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Undoubtedly, these three figures did much to shape the group's sound, but throughout their career, the Yardbirds were very much a unit, albeit a rather unstable one. And they were truly one of the great rock bands; one whose contributions went far beyond the scope of their half dozen or so mid-'60s hits ("For Your Love," "Heart Full of Soul...

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Roger the Engineer (disc 1: The Stereo Album) (2007)
Roger the Engineer (disc 2: The Mono Album) (2007)
Birdland (2003)
For Your Love (1999)
Over Under Sideways Down (1998)
The Very Best Of (1996)
Little Games (1967)
The Yardbirds (1966)
Having a Rave Up (1965)
Blue Eyed Blues
Little Games Sessions & More (disc 1)
Little Games Sessions & More (disc 2)
Roger the Engineer
The Ultimate 60 Collection [Disc 1]


Where the Action Is! (disc 2) (1997)
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / Psycho Daisies (1966)
Shapes of Things (1966)
Boom Boom / Honey On Your Hips (1965)
For Your Love (1965)
Heart Full of Soul (1965)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / I Ain't Got You (1964)
I Wish You Would / A Certain Girl (1964)
America '66