Scram C Baby

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  • indie
  • dutch
  • excelsior
  • alternative
  • indie pop
Scram C Baby is a band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are known for their short (sometimes ultra-short) but always strikingly melodic rock & roll/pop/punk projectiles and - perhaps more than anything else - their energetic, highly explosive 'frag bomb' live performances. Founded in 1992, 'SCB' has a core of three band members: John Cees Smit (vocals), Frank van Praag (guitar) and Geert de Groot (bass). Almost a full football team of musicians were once in the band, but not anymore.

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The Thing That Wears My Ring (2007)
Bending Neverending (disc 1)
Bending Neverending (disc 2)
Et maintenant... le Rock
The Happymaker



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