Graham Coxon

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Graham Coxon is Blur's guitarist and a solo artist. He left the band in 2002, but he subsequently rejoined the band in 2009, during his hiatus from Blur he has established himself as a solo artist playing lo-fi garage rock. His first solo album,'The Sky Is Too High', was released in 1998 and has a very muted, uncommercial sound. 'TSITH' was followed by 'The Golden D' which features two covers of the band Mission of Burma and is considerably less folk-oriented than the last.

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The Spinning Top (2009)
Love Travels at Illegal Speeds (2006)
Happiness in Magazines (2004)
The Kiss of Morning (2002)
Crow Sit on Blood Tree (2001)
The Golden D (2000)
The Sky Is Too High (1998)
101 Indie Classics CD2


I Can't Look at Your Skin / What's He Got? (2006)
Standing on My Own Again (2006)
What Ya Gonna Do Now? / Bloody Annoying (2006)
You & I (2006)
Bittersweet Bundle of Misery (2004)
Freakin' Out (2004)
Freakin' Out / All Over Me (2004)
Spectacular (2004)
Escape Song / Mountain of Regret (2002)
Thank God for the Rain (2001)