Amon Düül II

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  • krautrock
  • progressive rock
  • psychedelic
  • experimental
  • psychedelic rock
Amon Düül II emerged in 1968 out of the scene of hippies and squatters in Munich, Germany, but their strong interest in music led them to go their own way. They took their name from the old Egyptian name Amon, being an Egyptian sun god, and Düül, a character from Turkish fiction. Their personnel changed constantly, but maybe the most permanent members were Renate Knaup (vocals), Chris Karrer (guitar, violin), John Weinzierl (guitar), Peter Leopold (drums), Falk Rogner (organ, synthesizer).

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Dance of the Lemmings (disc 1) (1971)
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Tanz der Lemminge (1971)
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