.38 Special

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  • southern rock
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  • 80s
  • hard rock
.38 Special is an American rock band. Formed by vocalist Donnie Van Zant in 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida, the band initially had a straight-ahead southern rock sound, much like Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band of his older brother Ronnie. By the early 1980s, the band began incorporating elements of blues rock, pop rock, and arena rock into their sound, kicking off a string of successful albums and singles.

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Drivetrain (2004)
A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night (2001)
Resolution (1997)
Bone Against Steel (1991)
Rock & Roll Strategy (1988)
Strength in Numbers (1986)
Tour de Force (1983)
Special Forces (1982)
Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (1981)
Rockin' Into the Night (1980)
Special Delivery (1978)
38 Special (1976)
Hold on Loosely / Rockin' Into the Night


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