Fates Warning

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Fates Warning is a progressive metal band, formed in 1983 by John Arch, Jim Matheos, Victor Arduini, Joe DiBiase, and Steve Zimmerman in Connecticut, USA. The band directly contributed to the establishment of the progressive metal genre. Their early works are considered by many as very important works defining the genre itself. The middle-period works are considered as a progress in songwriting and musicianship as the band evolved. Recent works, since 1997, are in a heavy-progressive, more mature style.

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Perfect Symmetry (bonus disc: Studio Demos) (2008)
Awaken the Guardian (bonus disc) (2005)
FWX (2004)
Disconnected (2000)
Inside Out (1994)
Parallels (1991)
Perfect Symmetry (1989)
No Exit (1988)
Awaken the Guardian (1986)
The Spectre Within (1985)
Night on Bröcken (1984)
A Pleasant Shade of Gray
Awaken the Guardian Live
Darkness in a Different Light
Long Day Good Night
Theories Of Flight