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Sleater-Kinney was a United States alternative rock band that existed from 1994 to 2006. The band's most prominent lineup was vocalist/guitarist Corin Tucker (ex-Heavens to Betsy, Cadallaca), guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein (ex-Excuse 17, The Spells) and drummer Janet Weiss (Motorgoat, Quasi, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks). Sleater-Kinney has had other drummers throughout its existence, including Lora Macfarlane, Misty Farrell, and Toni Gogin .

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The Woods (2005)
One Beat (2002)
All Hands on the Bad One (2000)
The Hot Rock (1999)
Dig Me Out (1997)
Call the Doctor (1996)
Sleater-Kinney (1995)
No Cities to Love
The Center Won't Hold
[non-album tracks]


Get Up (1999)
Little Babies (1998)
One More Hour (1998)