Peter Doherty

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  • indie
  • british
  • singer-songwriter
  • indie rock
  • acoustic
Peter Doherty is a UK singer-songwriter, currently fronting his band Babyshambles. Doherty first became known as co-frontman of The Libertines. Although The Libertines' exciting but short-lived existence lasted no more than two albums, the band left a lasting legacy on the current music scene, attracting a loyal fanbase with their 'band of the people' ethos and catchy songs. Doherty left The Libertines after continuously failing to honor his band's commitments, and because of the deteriorating relationship between him and Carl Barât; although the exact story behind this remains debatable.

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Grace/Wastelands (2009)
Hamburg Demonstrations
Peter Doherty & the Puta Madres (feat. The Puta Madres)


The Last of the English Roses (2009)