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There are at least two bands going by the name of "Edelweiss" 1) An Austrian fun group from the '90s.
Two Hits: Bring Me Edelweiss and Starship Edelweiss. The song "Edelweiss" is probably most notable for being a hit manufactured according to a recipe laid out by the group KLF in their manual, How to Have a Number One the Easy Way. KLF member Bill Drummond reportedly claimed that Edelweiss themselves informed him that they had followed the formula. Bring Me Edelweiss certainly conforms to the standards with it's cheap electropop loops, silly noises, samples and sing-a-long choruses

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A Sound-Attack Straight From the Alps (1988)
Wonderful World of Edelweiss


Planet Edelweiss (1992)
Bring Me Edelweiss
Raumschiff Edelweiss
Starship Edelweiss