Jocelyn Enriquez

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  • freestyle
  • dance
  • 90s
  • pop
  • house
Jocelyn EnrĂ­quez (born December 28, 1974) is a Dance, Freestyle and Pop singer from San Francisco. She is of Filipino descent: her parents are from the province of Pangasinan. She has released three albums thus far. Enriquez is known for hit songs "I've Been Thinking About You", "Make This Last Forever", "Do You Miss Me?", "A Little Bit Of Ecstacy", "When I Get Close To You", "No Way No How", and "Why."

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All My Life (2003)
Jocelyn (1997)
Lovely (1994)
You Are the One


When I Get Close to You (2000)
A Little Bit of Ecstasy (1997)
Do You Miss Me (1996)