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  • british
'Look like tramps, sound like Kings'... This sums up UK three-piece post-hardcore band to a tee. Citing their influences as Vitriolid, period; they formed in 1998. Jamie Lenman and Jon Pearce originally played with Jason Wilcock as Angel, sharing a local venue stage with other bands, one of which would become Hundred Reasons. In March 2000, they parted ways with Jason, and Mark Lawton joined as drummer, with who they wrote and recorded the Pilot EP, which was released in January 2001, after they changed their name to Reuben.

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In Nothing We Trust (2007)
Very Fast Very Dangerous (2005)
Racecar Is Racecar Backwards (2004)
[non-album tracks]


Blood, Bunny, Larkhall (2007)
Christmas Is Awesome (2007)
Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin (2007)
A Kick in the Mouth (2005)
Keep It to Yourself (2005)
Freddy Kreuger (2004)
Moving to Blackwater (2004)
Let's Stop Hanging Out (2003)
Stuck in My Throat (2003)
Scared of the Police (2002)
Stux (Tell Me It's Alright) (2002)