The Walkabouts

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The Walkabouts were founded in 1983 by Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson. Other members have been Michael Wells, Glenn Slater and Terri Moeller. Although the Walkabouts started in seattle, US their main base of popularity is Europe. Their blend of folk idioms and noisy experimental rock has won them lots of devoted fans; however, even with twelve studio albums and another 15 EPs, live albums and compilations released, they still remain below the radar of the public at large.

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Ended Up a Stranger (2001)
Train Leaves at Eight (2000)
Nighttown (1997)
Devil's Road (1996)
Setting the Woods on Fire (1994)
New West Motel (1993)
Satisfied Mind (1993)
Scavenger (1991)
See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens (1988)
Trail of Stars
Travels in the Dustland


The Light Will Stay On (1996)
Slow Days With Nina