Coheed and Cambria

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  • progressive rock
  • rock
  • alternative
  • emo
  • indie
Coheed and Cambria is a progressive rock band, formed in Nyack, New York, United States in 1995 under the name Shabutie, but in 2001 changed their name to Coheed and Cambria. The current lineup consists of Claudio Sanchez (vocals, guitars), Travis Stever (guitars), Michael Todd (bass), and Chris Pennie (drums). Former members include Jon Carleo (bass, left in 1996), Nate Kelley (drums, left in 2001), and Josh Eppard (drums, left in 2006).

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Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow (2007)
Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness (2005)
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (2003)
The Second Stage Turbine Blade (2002)
The Afterman: Ascension
The Afterman: Descension
The Unheavenly Creatures
Year of the Black Rainbow


The Suffering (disc 2) (2006)
A Favor House Atlantic (2005)
Welcome Home